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Voice-over artists

Which voice creates the best ambiance

The type of voice you choose is critical, it really can make or break a tour. The voice defines the ambiance and setting within a tour and also adds certain emotions. Choose a voice which you like, but also let our partners advise you in what voice will match your tour the best.

If you contact one of our partners directly, don't forget to mention Guide ID so they can optimise the voice-over for the Podcatcher platform.

Jeroen Kramer

Voice artist (Dutch)

As a voice actor, Jeroen Kramer can be heard in countless audio books, corporate videos, audio tours and of course commercials. It would be no exaggeration to say that many thousands of Dutch voice castings have led to Jeroen’s voice. His broad experience in front of the camera, on stage and behind the studio microphone has allowed him to develop a wide range of voice registers – from youthful enthusiasm to authoritative warmth. From corporate no-nonsense to plain madness. Jeroen is a veritable master at making an informative script sound accessible. His 11-years’ experience as a presenter for the multi-awarded Dutch youth programme Het Klokhuis may well be accountable for this. Jeroen has his own professional ProTools audio studio in Amsterdam and can therefor deliver audio from his own place. This may be a considerable saving on your production budget!

Examples of Jeroen

Renze Jongman

Voice artist (Dutch)

Renze has a versatility voice. With his deep voice he can create many different kinds of ambiances that suck visitors into the story that is being told. Peace-full, enthusiastic or informative; these are the styles he often provides for audio tours, audio books, company video's and audio tours. With many years of experience and Ben Maasdam as his voice coach, Renze is a trustworthy choice.

Janneke Everaars

Voice artist (Dutch)

Janneke is very versatile. An actress that sings. A theatrical story teller. She has a enthusiastic, creative voice and is known for being a pleasure to work with, and has the ability to get the core of things. She loves language and good interpretation. Besides doing voice-overs and adverts, she also voices audio guides for museums, galleries and all other types of heritage sites.

Janneke has a degree in theatrical science, has taken lesson for years at the Theatrical academy in Amsterdam And also voice training with voice coach Ben Maasdam.

João Faria

Voice-Over (Portuguese)

I only do Voice-Overs in Portugese. I specialize in phrases for e-learning courses, audio guides, radio spots and TV. I have a cooking item entitled "A Man in Cookin '.
on air for 5 years on radio Portuguese communities in Boston. The show aims to give listeners recipes that can easily be prepared in one minute. I work with native speakers of French, English, Spanish. I have my own recording studio.

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Blanca Menacho

Voice-over (Spanish)

Blanca Menacho is a Spanish voice over from Spain. She has a friendly, expressive, seductive and professional voice. You can hear her every day on European TV Euronews and other Spanish television and radio. Her voice is suitable for commercials, audio-guides, telephone answering, e-learning, corporate videos, etc.

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Lonneke Scholten

Voice-overs (Dutch)

Lonneke Scholten is a young, vibrant, enthusiastic and trustworthy voice. Besides doing voice-overs she enjoys recording exaggerated voices and trying out crazy and funny voices. She has a very flexible approach to projects and is easily directed. In her spare time she is not only a voice-actor, but also a singer, vocal-coach and qualified music teacher. You might recognize Lonneke's voice from the "Canal Digital" jingle or the "GOGO" Radio commercials.

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Examples of Lonneke