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Visitor Guiding

Audio Guides & App

Use simple handsets or the App to educate and entertain all your visitors during their visit. Offer a stress free service to enhance your interpretation.

Demo video

Podcatcher handset

Small all-round device

The Podcatcher is an interactive audio handset. The Podcatcher can be used for all types of interpretation and interaction, anything from a simple audio guide, to a remote control for an interactive exhibition or game.

App for smart-phones

Offer something for everyone

When you develop your guide you automatically get a matching App. The App is for IOS and Android. In the App visitors can access content either by scanning QR codes, via a number keypad or by selecting an object from a list. Having an App will enlarge your target-group. The Apps also offer a tool for hearing impaired visitors, it uses text overlay so visitors van read the tour as well.
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Our visitors and staff enjoy the
Podcatcher because it's so easy to use.

Kröller-Müller Museum

We chose for the Podcatcher because its so easy to use and because its
so simple to add extra layers of interpretation for our visitors.

Heleen van Ketwich, Manager ‎Commercial business,The New Church en Hermitage Amsterdam

The Podcatcher Platform turned out to be the perfect solution for the challenge of translating the different languages used in the video into our seven 'museum languages' simultaneously.

Tom Brink, head of Publications and Presentations, Anne Frank House

91% of our visitors answered
Yes to the question "Do you like the tour?"

Royal Dutch Palace

Now all visitors get a Podcatcher, our services have become more personal for all visitors.

Afrika Museum, Berg en Dal

We were really enthusiastic about the simplicity and flexibility
which suits our exhibition well.

KPM Museum, Berlin

Using the Podcatcher is a great
way to bring our stories to life

Paleis Het Loo

91% of visitors answered
Yes to Did you like the tour?

Royal Dutch Palace

Visitors and staff are very happy with the
Podcatcher because it is so simple.

Kröller-Müller Museum

Children and families enjoy
The Podcatcher and learned more.


Developing an audio tour in one month, for one evening? This is easily done with the Podcatcher!

Trees van Mansfeld,Public engagement & Education, Museum our lord in the attic.

My kids enjoyed the quiz and we
learned,together as a family

Visitor, at Gaia Zoo

Accessing audio

Just point and listen

Visitors simply point their Podcatcher at a trigger, called an IDentifier, to activate the information. If a visitor is using the App, they just scan a QR-code. The audio will automatically start playing. Both devices work in-and outdoors.

Keep it Simple

No distractions or wasting time

The Podcatcher does not use a screen, headphones or lots of buttons. This results in visitors not being distracted, still being able to interact and that it is suitable for visitors of all ages. It also keeps things quick and efficient for you and your staff.

Sync audio with tv screens

Offer large scale visual content

To offer visitors video content the Podcatcher can sychronize lip-sync audio with screens. Visitors are able to watch video on large screens and listen to the audio, in their own language, on the Podcatcher.

Docking stations

Small, lightweight & easy to use

The docking stations are used to charge and sync the Podcatcher every day. 10 Podcatcher fit in 1 dock and 1 dock is the same size as A5 piece of paper. The docks can be placed on a desk or fixed to the wall. Updating is done via internet.

Hearing and visually impaired

Offer a solution for everybody

The platform offers multiple tools for visitors who are either visually or hearing impaired. We always do are best to offer the best possible solutions for you location and visitors, within the possibilities of the platform.
We kindly refer to one of our partners, Wendy Moor, an award-winning writer and producer for so called VIP tours.

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Less is more

Only three buttons to use

The Podcatcher has 3 buttons which offer many possibilities. The buttons are there to control the volume and to pause & play the audio. But also, they can be used to select in-depth information or to answer questions during quizzes and surveys.

We can also take the interactive interpretation to the next level...

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