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Guide ID symposium, a big success

Soon also in London, Berlin and Brussel

Friday the 20th of September, last. We organised a symposium in the auditorium of Kröller-Müller Museum. Clients, people of interest, partners and other guests attended. We would like to thank the Kröller-Müller Museum for their hospitality.

Our guests started of by listening to Bas Mühren, scientific manager at the museum. He told us how the Top75 exhibtion was developed and how the audio tours played a vital role. Bas let us listen to a few inspiring stops about artworks that we would be able to see later in the day.

After this Marie Baarspul, from "Een Woord, Een Beeld", held a presentation about how to write a good audio tour. Writing audio tours is often underestimated and it is important to always take your target group into account. Adding levels of content, which is possible with the ABC buttons on the Podcatcher, can be really useful. Marie gave the attendees some tips and tricks, pretty handy for developing tours for the Podcatcher.

Frits Polman then presented about the Podcatcher platform and the latest developments that we are working on. He spoke about the new generation of Podcatchers, the new App and the new interactive possibilities with the Podcatcher.

After the Lunch we continued with a presentation by Marie Anne Remmelink and Mijke Den Hartog from the Family Museum. They told us about the "pass it on" audio tour, that has been up and running for a few months now in the Museum of Modern Art in Arnhem. Click here to see a video of how the Podcatcher is being used in this unique way.

Nils van Keulen from Tinker Imagineers showed us how important it is to implement images and sounds within the total concept of a museum or exhibition. Styling is an important factor as well. By using a few examples Nils showed us how Tinker implemented the Podcatcher in concepts for exhibitions. Click here for a page with a video within you can see how this worked well at Stad van Nederland, developed for NAI(now called the Nieuwe instituut).

After the presentation, all attendees were given the time to visit the exhibtion and listen to the 24 different famous Dutch celebrities on the Podcatcher. Which are a part of the Top75 tour.

After this Petra Brinkhof showed some data results on how the tours were used. We now know that even know Nico Dijkshoorn is the most used tour, the most listened to stop is from Anna Drijver.

Click on the Podcatcher above to listen to the story of the "Cafe terrace by night", by Vincent van Gogh.

We finished the day with a drink and there were lots of lively discussion about using famous voices for an audio tour. In the end it was a very successful day and we look back on as a great and inspirational day. We are now planning to organise more symposiums, with the first ones being in London, Berlin and Brussels. We will keep you up to date via the news letters.