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Latest Projects

Expanding your horizons- get inspired by these great tours!

On this page you will find a short summary on the great projects we recently launched. If you can, visit these sites, get inspired and expand your horizon.
If you can’t, click on curious and we’ll tell you all about it!

USS Midway, San Diego, CA USA

Most popular naval warship museum in the USA

This special project is located at the USS Midway Museum in San Diego, California. This maritime museum is dedicated to the USS Midway, a renowned aircraft carrier which was in use for 47 years. With annual visitor numbers of 1.4 million, this is a very large new customer that we welcome to the Guide ID family of clients! The audio guide is now available on Podcatchers for adults and children in 6 languages.

Anne Frank House , Amsterdam NL

An audio tour through the secret annex!

The Anne Frank House receives around 1,300,000 visitors a year and is widely known all over the world.
We're very proud that the museum decided to work with the Podcatcher to improve their visitor services, but also to be able to tell the story in multiple languages. We have provided a complete full service audio guide, which recently launched to great success.
The Anne Frank House is using 600 players and they are offering the tour in 9 languages. The tours are placed in flexible self-service cabinets combined with a language panel, where visitors and staff can start the tour very easily. The tour takes the visitors through the house in around 30 minutes. It consists of rooms with video and traditional audio stops. The audio from the videos is activated via Long Range technology similar to that we are offering yourselves. When you enter the room with your Podcatcher the sound is automatically triggered without having to point at an IDentifier.

Jewish Museum Berlin, Germany

Collection about 2000 years of German-Jewish history

As from December 2017 we're providing the audio guides for the special exhibition “Jerusalem” and for the permanent collection 2 year renewal-phase. The museum is located in Daniel Libeskind’s architectural masterpiece and has firmly established itself as one of Berlin’s most recognizable landmarks.

National Museum of Finland, Helsinki, Finland

A new client in Finland

National Museum of Finland illustrates Finnish history from prehistoric times to the 19th century. The museum's unique exhibits tells of the life from a period of over 10. 000 years. The museum is evolving and all permanent exhibitions are being updated gradually from 2016 to 2019. Guide ID is looking forward that the Podcatcher will be used to inform all visitors about the history of wonderful Finland.

Hermitage Amsterdam, NL

Dutch Masters from the Hermitage

For the first time in its existence, the Hermitage Amsterdam is mounting a show of Dutch masters from the renowned St Petersburg collection. Portraits by Rembrandt and Hals, scenes of everyday life by Dou and Jan Steen and beautiful landscapes by Ruisdael en Van Goyen. Our Podcatcher audioguide is available for all visitors without extra costs, so it's possible for everyone to know more about these wonderful pieces of art which will 'return home' after 350 years.

The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston TX USA

A fashionable audio guide

We are thrilled to bring our Podcatchers to Texas to coincide with the launch of ‘The Glamour and Romance of Oscar de la Renta’ exhibition at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. This iconic institution plays host to a historic overview of fashion designer Oscar de la Renta's work which will showcase ensembles drawn from the late couturier's corporate and personal archives. Selections of day wear and evening wear will highlight recurring themes in de la Renta's work.

New York Historical Society, New York USA

Exhibition about the Vietnam War

We are excited to be offering our Podcatchers this fall at this groundbreaking exhibition on one of the most controversial events of the 20th century: The Vietnam War. The New York Historical Society is a fascinating museum & library is located on Central Park West in Manhattan. The Podcatchers will be used for both traditional audio stops along with a number of places along the tour where the players will play audio that is synced with video's in the gallery.

Groeningemuseum, Bruges Belgium

Pieter Pourbus and the forgotten Masters

The Groeningemuseum houses a comprehensive survey of six centuries of Flemish and Belgian paintings by well-known and lesser-known artists. Pieter Pourbus is one of these forgotten masters. He created, for example, The Last Judgement, a work for the administrative country house of the Brugse Vrije castellany in 1551, but he also painted striking portraits of leading families. Besides works of art from Pourbus the exhibition holds many surprises in store for you. Guide ID is delighted that the Groeningemuseum has chosen the Podcatcher audio guide for this extraordinary exhibition which will be on show from 13 October - 18 January 2018.

De Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam NL

We Have a Dream

This is an exhibition about three world-renowned figures who profoundly influenced the course of the twentieth century: Mahatma Gandhi, Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela. Experience their world, the injustice and the hope, the great moments in history and their personal journeys. This exhibition is a treasure trove of audio and visual exhibits and features iconic objects that were owned by each of these great leaders. The exhibition runs from 16 September 2017 to 4 February 2018.

Irish Whiskey Museum, Dublin Ireland

A tour that will make you thirsty..

Take a journey back through time at the Irish Whiskey Museum. This is an exciting new visitor attraction that uncovers the story of Irish whiskey. It has a unique collection of Irish whiskey memorabilia that dates back to the 1800s mixed with a modern twist. The Podcatcher is used here to translate the tour by a tour guide, so you won’t miss anything.

Stamford History Center, Stamford CT USA

Take a look in the oldest house in Stamford

The Hoyt-Barnum House is a historic house museum in Stamford, CT and part of the Stamford History Center. It was relocated in 2016 to increase its accessibility to the public and re-opened in June. Originally built in 1699 this is the oldest authentic residence in Stamford. The house contains artifacts from the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as reproduction items that you can touch. The Podcatcher audio tour will tell visitors all about this wonderful house!

Museum Tirpitz, Blåvand Denmark

A new museum in Denmark

Along the west coast of Denmark an impressive, new museum is recently being build. This museum is dedicated to the Tirpitz bunker build by the Germans in 1944 as part of the Atlantic Wall. A visit to the museum is not a visit to an exhibition gallery, but a scenographic journey through time and space of West Jutland. The idea is that the whole place itself comes to live following the rhythms of nature. Visitors can use the Podcatcher and find out everything there is to know about this exciting site.

Children's Museum of the Arts, New York USA

An audio guide for all ages

This museum for families is all about creativity. By looking at art, experiencing art and making art, creativity is stimulated. The Children's Museum of the Arts will use the Podcatcher for their temporary exhibitions, starting with the new exhibition 'Maker Maker'. The audience of this museum proves that the Podcatcher really is for all ages!

Museum Park Abbey, Leuven Belgium

PARCUM: Where art, religion and culture meet

From 25 October 2017 you can visit a brand-new museum in Leuven. The newly renovated Park Abbey halls will host PARCUM, a place where religion, art and culture meet and interact. This wonderful project will use the Podcatcher for their audiotour.

Memorial Museum Passchendaele, Zonnebeke Belgium

Battlefield full of history

The Memorial Museum Passchendaele 1917 is the ideal place to start a visit of the battlefields of Passchendaele. The museum is situated in the centre of Zonnebeke. During the Great War of 1914-1918 the villages of Passchendaele Zonnebeke, Beselare, Geluveld and Zandvoorde became famous for the part they played on the battlefields of the Ypres Salient. Learn more about this special museum with our Podcatcher audiotour, which will be available from May.

Powerscourt Garden - Ireland

The number three garden of the world

For almost a decade now Guide ID has been striving for success, and so has our latest client, Powerscourt Garden in Co. Wicklow on the East Coast of Ireland. They have been rated number three garden in the World by National Geographic, now it doesn't get any better than that! However, with or without that accolade Powerscourt is a truly special place with an amazingly special story. So it's a good thing that Guide ID are all about telling stories! We tell Powerscourts story to a quarter of a million visitors in 5 languages, and with the aid of Map my Visit, Powerscourt creates a legacy between them and each and every person that takes a tour there.

Castle Gardens Arcen, Arcen NL

Beautiful gardens in Limburg

In the South of the Netherlands you can enjoy the wonderful Castle Gardens Arcen: 32 hectare of 15 unique gardens and a 17th century castle. This fairytale-like place will be open from April 1st and this year the Podcatcher can be used. With an audio guide visitors know all about the waterfalls, the different kinds of rose gardens and the (sub)tropical plants in Casa Verde.

World Press Photo 17, Amsterdam NL

A World of Photos

The World Press Photo exhibition of award-winning photos is shown worldwide in 100 cities and 45 countries, starting in Amsterdam from April 14th. Images made by photographers from all over the world are selected in different categories like daily life, nature and general news. They give us an insight of the world today. Several photographers tell you more about their pictures in the Podcatcher audio guide, which is free for every visitor.

Gemeentemuseum, The Hague NL

The Discovery of Mondrian

During the summer of 2017, the Gemeentemuseum plans to take visitors on an extensive tour of the life and work of Piet Mondrian. With the biggest and best collection of Mondrians anywhere in the world, the Gemeentemuseum is in a position to illustrate every stage of the artist’s amazing career in spectacular fashion. Guide ID is delighted that the museum will use the Podcatcher for their audiotour.

Manchester Art Gallery , Manchester UK

Manchester in the 60’s and 70’s

The Manchester Art Gallery is one of Manchesters leading venues, and in April they are playing host to the new Shirley Baker Photographic exhibition. Using the Podcatcher, the Gallery will bring each photo to life by telling the stories behind each of the exhibits. Using a culmination of both curator and visitor extracts, this exhibition proves to be totally unique and after huge backing from the Heritage Lottery Fund, the exhibition will be in place for just over three months.

Kina Slott, Drottningholm Sweden

Chinese pavilion in Sweden

The Chinese Pavilion (Swedish: Kina Slott), located in the grounds of the Drottningholm Palace park, is a Chinese-inspired royal pavilion originally built in the 18th century. The pavilion is currently one of Sweden's Royal Palaces and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. With the Podcatcher system Kina Slott will come to life with interesting facts and stories.

Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities, Stockholm Sweden

Ancient art in Stockholm

Stockholm and sculptures from the Roman Empire. Perhaps not the most obvious combination, but there are some beautiful sculptures from ancient times in this museum. King Gustave III made it possible that these sculptures were transported by ship from Italy to Sweden. A visit to Gustav III's Museum of Antiquities is worth your while. Don't forget to take a Podcatcher with you!

Royal Delft, Delft - NL

visit the home of blue

Royal Delft is the last remaining earthenware factory from the 17th century. Here the renowned Delft Blue is still entirely hand painted according to centuries-old tradition. At the Royal Delft Experience you will discover the complete history and production process of Royal Delftware.

When visiting the Delftware museum The Royal Delft Experience the visitor discovers the complete history and the production process of Delft Blue in an audiovisual presentation.
The Podcatcher audio guides (included in entrance fee) are daily available in Dutch, English, German, French, Japanese, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.

Russborough House and Gardens, Wicklow IRL

Where history and culture live on

Guide ID are very excited to be working with Russborough House and Gardens from April this year. They're new Gardens and Parkland Tour is spread over many acres and the Podcatcher will be guiding all of Russboroughs visitors and telling them stories that they would never of been able to hear before. Along with the adult tour at Russborough, we are also introducing an exciting children's tour.

Heath Robinson Museum, Pinner, UK

Illustrations and Cartoons

The Podcatcher has now settled into its new home at the Heath Robinson Museum in Pinner, near London. The Heath Robinson exhibition combines original artwork with books, photographs, film and digital media to tell the full story of Heath Robinson’s vast artistic and very talented career and we are pleased that the museum chose Guide ID's Podcatcher system to do this.

Yorkshire Museum of Farming, UK

Farming throughout t the ages

Farming is a huge way of life not even today, but going back centuries and at the Yorkshire Museum of Farming, they tell the story of farming absolutely perfectly. With a huge Roman fort, and their recreated Tudor village, we are pleased to announce the launch of the Podcatcher system within the museum and around the outside of their vast site. Transporting their visitors back in time, the Podcatcher will tell farming stories from past and present, helping the museums visitors realise just how important farming is to us as a civilisation.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, NL

Van der Elskens camera

Ed van der Elsken was a unique figure. The first true Dutch street photographer, he roamed cities like Paris, Amsterdam and Tokyo seeking out colourful personalities, head-turning young women and unwieldy youth. A free audio guide is available in Dutch and English, for all visitor. The museum also offers visitors MapMyVisit, so they re-live the tour at home as well.

Hermitage Amsterdam, NL

Romanovs & Revolution

The exhibition in the Hermitage tells the story of the fashionable St Petersburg and the imperial family Romanov. How did the Romanovs live? And what happened in Russia that their lives were to brutally ended? Exactly a century after the outbreak of the Russian Revolution the visitor will be told their story in the exhibition ‘Romanov and Revolution’. Visitors can choose between no less than 3 stories, that are available on the Podcatcher; that of journalist Kysia Hekster, writer Esther Verhoeff and writer Jan Brokken.

Wereldmuseum Rotterdam, NL

Enjoy your meal!

I cook, therefore I am is not your average exhibition. It is a unique food voyage through four thousand years of civilization all over the world. Writer and historian Abdelkader Benali presents the story of the role of food in our earthly existence. With the audio guide, spoken by Benali, the visitor finds out everything there is to know about special recipes across the globe, different rituals and ancient old secrets about preparing food.

Rembrandthuis, Amsterdam NL

Rembrandt 2.0

The British artist Glenn Brown is inspired by the work of Old Masters, Rembrandt being among them. Brown appropriates and subverts the work of Rembrandt and his contemporaries with merciless audacity. Discover this thrilling confrontation between the old and the new. Don’t forget to take a Podcatcher, so Glenn Brown can give you more information about his choices and inspiration in his personal audio tour.

Rijksmuseum Twenthe , Enschede NL

The Renaissance in Enschede

If you love the Renaissance-period, the Rijksmuseum Twenthe is a must go for this spring. The museum shows works of art by some of the greatest artist of the Renaissance-period, like Raphael, Titian and Bellini. This is the first time that this many Italian masters are on show in the Netherlands. Visit the museum, take an audio guide and discover the wonders of the Italian Renaissance in Enschede.

Ephraim-Palais, Berlin, Germany

Temporary exhibition 'Palace. City. Berlin.'

The exhibition 'Palace. City. Berlin.' shows you the chequered history of Berlin Palace and life in the city, from the glamour of the Baroque to everyday working lives. We take the story right up to the current construction of the Humboldt Forum, which is due to open in 2019 with innovative exhibitions.
The Podcatcher audio guide is available in German and English. The children's tour is only in German. The exhibition can be visited in the Ephraim-Palais from November 25th, 2016 - April 23rd, 2017.

Gallo-Roman Museum, Tongeren, BE

Temporary exhibition: "Timeless Beauty"

The central theme is the conception of ideal feminine beauty in Roman times. The wide-ranging body of work of the art photographer Marc Lagrange has been drawn upon to give visual tension to the exhibition. His photographs engage in a dialogue with 2,000-year-old texts by authors who were enthralled by feminine beauty. The collection of authentic objects is indicative of the kinds of resources and techniques elite Roman women relied upon to enhance their physical attraction. The exhibition’s contemporary relevance is underscored by short films featuring present-day women offering intimate accounts of how they perceive their bodies.

350 Podcatchers will be used to offer all visitors a nice audio guide. The guide is available in English, Dutch and French. For this exhibition we've delivered 12 AV-Syncs.

Museum of Bags and Purses, Amsterdam - NL

Permanent presentation

The Museum of Bags and Purses has a collection of more than 5.000 bags, pouches, suitcases, purses and matching accessories, frequently praised internationally for its diversity and quality.
Recently Guide ID provided the museum with all the hardware for their existing content.

The Podcatcher audio guide is available in Dutch, English, Chinese and German and takes the visitor along the highlights of the collection

Frisian Maritime Museum, Sneek, NL

Permanent collection

The museum displays a large collection of shipping with particular attention to the Frisian coastal shipping, inland waterways (with for example the typical skûtsjes), the barge, fishing, cargo shipping, shipbuilding and the Frisian Admiralty. Unique is the department boating with ancient and modern sailing yachts. In the historical section of Sneek the history of the town and surrounding area are shown. There is attention paid to the Sneek Watergate, there are beautiful period rooms from the 18th and 19th centuries and in the silver hall the products of Sneek Silversmiths are shown.

From 2017 the Podcatcher will be available for all visitors and the museum also offers MapMyVisit to their visitors. The tour will be available in 3 languages.

Musee d'histoire de la ville de Luxembourg, Luxemburg

Temporary exhibition: Football Hallelujah!

Is football, the world’s most popular sport, a religion of the 21st century? For many supporters it is more than a simple passion: football shapes lives, provides a purpose in life and may even give reason to live. It may unite, but also separate people.

This international travelling exhibition, conceived by Historisches Museum Basel and Amsterdam Museum, has now landed in Luxemburg.

Royal Palace Stockholm, SE

Royal wedding dresses

The exhibition, featuring five Royal wedding dresses, at the Royal Palace of Stockholm gives visitors a unique opportunity to see the dresses in the Palace's Hall of State.

19 June 2016 marks 40 years since The King and Queen were married in Stockholm in the early summer. To commemorate their anniversary, an exclusive exhibition is presented at the Royal Palace of Stockholm.

The dresses were worn by Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Princess Madeleine, Princess Sofia and Princess Lilian.

There is a Podcatcher custom made self service cabinet which provides a unique audio guide.

Het Scheepvaartmuseum, Amsterdam - NL

Temporary exhibition: Drive, 100 years of collecting

What do a life jacket from the Costa Concordia, a letter signed by Michiel de Ruyter in 1657, Mesdag's masterpiece from 1898, and a globe from 1613 have in common? All these items form part of the unique collection of Het Scheepvaartmuseum. The history of the museum's collection and its unique objects take centre stage in the new exhibition 'Drive'. The Podcatcher tour makes sure you won't miss out on any interesting information.

Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam - NL

Jean Tinguely - Machine Spectacle and permanent collection

Jean Tinguely is famous for his playful, boldly kinetic machines and explosive performances. Everything had to be different, everything had to move. Precisely twenty-five years after his death, the Stedelijk opens a Tinguely retrospective: the largest-ever exhibition of the artist to be mounted in a Dutch museum.
The museum offers the Podcatcher in English, Dutch, French and German. Stedelijk Museum offers the audio guide for free to all visitors. The tour also guides you through the main exhibition of the museum.

Alma-Tadema, Fries Museum, Leeuwarden - NL

alma-tadema, classical charm

Alma-Tadema’s paintings bring stories from classical antiquity to life. But what stories does he actually tell and what symbolism lies behind the objects you can see in his work? In a lively audio tour you will learn everything about the seventeen highlights of this exhibition. You can choose which paintings you want to hear about, which means you can walk freely through the exhibition. The audio tour is available in English and in Dutch for just €1,-.

De Nieuwe Kerk, Amsterdam - NL

90 years Ms Monroe

In the year that she would have turned 90, De Nieuwe Kerk will reflect on a great style icon: Marilyn Monroe. From October 1 until February 5 2017, the exhibition about her life and legacy, including numerous personal items from her house at 5th Helena Drive in Brentwood, California, can be visited. The Podcatcher audio guide guides you in several languages through this spectaculair exhibition.

Museum Het Valkhof, Nijmegen - NL

Gladiators, Heroes of the Colosseum

What was life like as a gladiator? Knowing that every day could be your last, but also being idolized by 50,000 people?
Museum Het Valkhof transports you back to ancient Rome. To the Colosseum with its public executions, and the fear and the euphoria of the gladiators. A barbaric world? Not for the Romans. The bloody gladiatorial fights were a symbol of the military successes that made the Roman Empire great. The gladiators were true heroes! A lively Podcatcher audio guide takes you along all corners of this fascinating history.

BELvue Museum, Brussels - BE

The result of winning

The BELvue is located in the heart of Brussels and is the history museum of Belgium as well as a centre for democracy. The BELvue is managed by the King Baudouin Foundation and is a place where visitors, and more specific young visitors, can discover and understand Belgium, its history, its social and economical development and its institutional functioning.
BELvue Museum won an incentive organized by Guide ID and now they can use the Podcatchers for free during 8 months. BELvue Museum uses the Podcatcher for their your members (between 17-25 years old), so they can develop a creative exhibition.

Bourgogne des Flandres, Bruges - BE

Visit the brewery!

After nearly 60 years, Bourgogne des Flandres has returned to the inner city of Bruges with its own brewery. Explore the brewery and breathe in the smell of malt and fresh hops in the loft. See how the beer is brewed with your own eyes! The Podcatcher audio guide is available in four different languages.

Frans Masereel Centrum, Kasterlee - BE

Main collections and temporary exhibitions

The Frans Masereel Centre offers residencies and a working space to graphic designers, artists and critics who want to work with intaglio, relief printing, screen print or lithography. The focus is on creation and experimentation in the workshop. It is a graphical laboratory in which the possibilities of graphical applications are being researched, widened and reformulated. It is a platform for the public, the artist and his work. The Podcatcher audiotour is offered in Dutch and leads you through the fixed collection and temporary exhibitions.

National monument Camp Vught - NL

Launch of audio tour

From Thursday the 7th July a Dutch Podcatcher audio tour, about the touching camp story during the war years 1943-'44, will be available for visitors of the Camp Vught National Monument.

Camp Vught was the only official SS-concentration camp outside of Germany. In under two years more than 32000 men, woman and children were held captive. With over 750 deaths due to starvation, disease, abuse, exhaustion and executions.

The Podcatcher will guide visitors during their visit. There are 20 audio stops spread across the camp terrain. The tour includes quotes from former camp prisoners.

Compton Verney, UK

One fine art gallery

Based in the Midlands in England, Compton Verney is one of the Warwickshire's most important Art Galleries. The Art Gallery is home to six permanent collections including Neapolitan art from 1600 to 1800; Northern European medieval art from 1450–1650; British portraits including paintings of Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Edward VI and works by Joshua Reynolds; Chinese bronzes including objects from the Neolithic and Shang periods. Compton Verney has chosen Guide ID to tell the story of Britain in the Fifties it's 'Design & Aspiration' Exhibition. With the art gallery having huge national importance, we are very proud to be working with Compton Verney.

KU Leuven

Libary launches an audio tour on the Podcatcher

On the market in Leuven, a stone’s throw away from Museum M, you can find the library of KU Leuven. A historical building with a beautiful reading room and a hall full of stories. The Podcatcher guides you and tell you about the architecture of the building and the artworks you see along the way. The KU Leuven is also offering MapMyVisit and are also offering the Podcatcher later this year during the exhibition; Utopia, that they have put together in collaboration with Museum M.

MOCO museum Amsterdam - NL

A unique exhibtion in a historical building

In the beautiful Villa Alsberg, in the middle of the museum square in Amsterdam, the MoCo museum opened its doors this April. In the Moco Museum you will find art from famous artist such as Bansky and iconic artworks from legendary artists such as Andy Warhol. The museum offers the Podcatcher in English and Dutch.

Museum de Schotse Huizen Veere

Historical museum in the prettiest city of Zeeland

After a refurbishment of 3 months, the museum reopened its doors to the public. Behind the characteristic fronts of the Scottish Houses and the beautifully restored town hall, the real history really comes to life. The Podcatcher is available for adults in 4 languages and there is a great children’s tour with quiz questions.

Museum M, Leuven - BE

In search of Utopia

In 2016 its 500 years ago that the English humanist and statesmen Thomas More in Leuven publicised his world famous book; Utopia. The 500th anniversary of the cultural and intellectual milestone is a great reason for a special exhibition, in M. From 20th Oktober2016 until 17th January 2017, amazing works from the 15th and 16th century top artists such as Quinten Metsijn, Hans Holbein, Jan Gossaert and Albrecht Dürer will be put together in an exciting and intriguing story. All visitors will receive a Podcatcher to listen to the stories.

National Archive The Hague, NL

On the road. A trip with a photographer

Starting from the 9th September until the 8th January the National Archive in The Hague will be exhibiting a unique photo exhibition. It’s about photography and traveling are bound together. Photographers have been picturing new worlds, documenting the changes in the world and showing us exotic locations since the 19th century. To hear the stories behind the pictures, all visitor shall receive a Podcatcher when visiting the archive.

Irish Military War Museum - IRL

A hidden Gem in Dublin

Guide ID has a totally un blinkered view when it comes the types of sites it works with on all of its tours. On that note, we are very pleased to welcome the Irish Military War Museum to the fold. It was a great pleasure to work with William Sullivan on this tour, and the tour itself is narrated by him, and tells the visitor amongst other things, all about his journey around the Somme and how he and his team managed to find so many of the items that you can expect to see on display here at this true hidden Irish gem!

Red Light Secrets - NL

Personal stories of a prostitute

In the middle of the Red Light district, you can find an intriguing visitor attraction about the oldest profession in the world. Use the Podcatcher to listen to the stories of the ladies themselves, their dreams and wishes.

Salvador Dali, Brugge - BE

Podcatcher in Bruges!

Within te vaults of the monumental Belfort located on in the middle of the Market in Bruges you can find the Museum-Gallery XPO Salvador Dali. There you can enjoy a unique collection of graphic artworks and a series of sculptures from Salvador Dali. The stories are told via the Podcatcher and the tour is available in 4 languages.

Catherine, the Greatest - NL

A fairy tale

The Hermitage Amsterdam is offering all visitors of the 'Catherine, the Greatest' exhibition a free audio tour using the Podcatcher. The whole audio tour has been developed in a fairy tale style using three voice artists, Bram van der Vlugt, Thekla Reuten en Jeremy Baker. Visitors who leave their email address on the MapMyVisit console will all be able to enjoy the tour at home.

Siebold house

Japan museum in Leiden, NL

The Siebold house museum in Leiden offers collection pieces from the old and new Japan in a permanent collection, but also has temporary exhibitions throughout the year. All visitors will be able to use the Podcatcher for the permanent collection.

The Rembrandt House Museum - NL

Historical place in the centre of Amsterdam

The Rembrandt House Museum is where Rembrandt lived between 1639 and 1658 and produced some of his most famous works. From mid April 2016 the Rembrandt House Museum offers the Podcatcher to all visitors. The tour is available in 10 languages and will be offered via a Self Service desk. Besides from the audio tour, the museum will also integrate MapMyVisit.

Darcis, Verviers, Belgium

Chocolate heaven!

Summer 2016 the famous chocolatier Jean Philippe Darcis opened a new 2.8520M2 building in Verviers. Visitors are welcomed in beautiful rooms and learn everything there is to know about the history of chocolate. From temples in the Maya to the mountains in Mexico. You can also take a look inside the workshop, where you get a sneak peak of how the chocolate, macarons and patisserie are produced, and you get to taste it. The Podcatcher is your guide through the building and translates all the video footage into your own language.

Secret Valley wildlife park, Wexford, Ireland

Animal quiz

At Guide ID we like to think out of the box when it comes to the use of an audio guide. So much so, we are proud with the launch of the Podcatcher audio guide at the Secret Valley Wildlife Park in Wexford. The visitors to this acclaimed wildlife park will be able to partake in a quiz around the park, and take in far more information about each of its popular residents. With the use of the Podcatcher, not only we are able to enhance each visitors experience, but we expand the knowledge about each and every one of the parks animals.

Nymans Gardens, National Trust - UK

Jewel of the National Trust

Nymans Garden is one of the jewels in the National Trusts Gardens crown. Guide ID is proud to have launched the popular audio guide in the garden. As each visitor makes their way around the garden and the ruins, they are able to see and hear what the head gardener has to deal with on an almost daily basis, and experience first-hand what life was like in the big house. Just a prime example of how diverse the Podcatcher has become.

House of Bols

Cocktails & Genever experience

House of Bols has be refurbished to a new interactive experience. The Podcatcher is now available to all visitors as personal Guide. Together with our partner Yipp, interactive people, the Podcatcher will be available as an interactive tool as well. Besides this Bols will be using our latest development, the Long Range AV-sync IDentifier. When a visitor enters a room audio will automatically be triggered on the Podcatcher, in sync with the video projection in that room.


Nature museum, seal shelter and sea aquarium

Ecomare on the island of Texel is a nature museum, seal shelter, sea aquarium and a bird shelter. It lies in the middle of the National Part ‘Duinen van Texel’. From mid-March visitors of Ecomare will be using the Podcatcher for the exhibitions. The tours is available for €1 at the cash register and available in Dutch, English and French.

Amsterdam Museum - NL

Amsterdam DNA, now with the Podcatcher

We are proud to announce that the Amsterdam Museum has chosen the Podcatcher. From mid-January 2016 all visitors will receive a Podcatcher within the entrance fee. The tours are available for the permanent collection and exhibitions. Our after visit tool “MapMyVisit, shall also be installed at the Amsterdam Museum. This way visitors can also enjoy the tour at home on their personal tour page.

DWDD Pop-up museum 2

William looks at art

The Dutch TB program 'De wereld draait door' is organising, for the second year running, the Pop-Up Museum in the Allard Pierson Museum in Amsterdam, from 29 January till the end of May 2016. The theme this year is: Hidden artworks. ^guest curators have dived into the archives looking for hidden artworks. Each guest curator has one area within the museum, which has been designed to their taste. Sander Van de Pavert, famous for his sketches on the Dutch Royal Family chose the Maurits House in Amsterdam. In his special audio tour he used the sketch voices for the commentary of the tour.

Hunting lodge sint Hubertus

A hidden treasure in the Hoge Veluwe Park

Jachthuis Sint Hubertus was designed by the renowned architect Hendrikus Petrus Berlage (1856-1934). Berlage had already worked for the Kröllers before landing this illustrious contract; he was commissioned to design an office building in London. He also designed the Schipborg - a model farm in Anloo, a village in the Dutch province of Drenthe. The design contract for the building that would forever link the names Berlage and Kröller-Müller, was likely signed in early 1915. Groups tours are available for visitors, but for foreign languages visitors the Podcatcher will be available.

Museum Gouda

Museum Gouda puts the life and ideas of Erasmus in the spotlight

In 2016 Museum Gouda puts the life and ideas of Erasmus in the spotlight with the exhibition 'Erasmus, ik wijk voor niemand'

Erasmus grew up 550 years ago in Gouda.
Just as Erasmus travelled throughout Europe and developed and sharpened his views through varying contacts, so the visitor to this exhibition will go with him on a similar journey through his mind. From Gouda in 1466 to Basel in 1536, from Europe in the 16th century to Europe in the 21st century.

The exhibition is from the 6th of February till the 26th of June 2016.

In collaboration with the Historical Museum Basel.

Bonnefanten Museum, Maastricht, The Netherlands

CERAMIX, temporary exhibition 16/10-31/01/2016

From 16 October till 31 January 2016 the Bonnefanten museum will have the temproary exhibition CERAMIX. In cooperation with Cité de la Céramique (Sèvres, France), la Maison Rouge (Paris, France), the Bonnefanten Museum will expose more than 250 master pieces.
CERAMIX is the story about ceramic art from early 20th century till now. With works of artists like Matisse, Rodin, Picasso, Thomas Schütte and Ai Weiwei.

The audio guide will be available in English and Dutch.

Gallo-Roman Museum, Tongeren, Belgium

Gladiators - Heroes of the Coliseum

Face to face in the arena. The highest level of concentration, a genuine contempt for death. Each strike could be fatal, each fight the last. The remarkable world of the gladiators touches down in Tongeren, in the Gallo-Roman Museum from 24 October 2015 - 3 April 2016. Top articles from museums throughout Europe will be featured, particularly a unique collaboration with the Rome Coliseum.
Authentic weapons, helmets, leg protectors and many other striking attributes leave nothing to the imagination. Along with tombstones, idols, utensils,…these top items bring the world of gladiators to life. In addition, there are lifelike figures, fascinating films and exciting interactive installations, as well as workshops,….
Guide ID will deliver the Podcatcher audio tour in four languages and MapMyVisit.

The Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics, Leeuwarden, the Netherlands

Exhibition "The 20th century-mirroring time in ceramics"

From 5 September 2015 the Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics will showcase the previous century. With the exhibition The 20th century – mirroring time in ceramics the museum presents ceramics as the cultural memory of the 20th century. From teenager-ceramics to rocket vases, from avant-garde to mass production.
Frans Leidelmeijer, a specialist in art and design from the 1880s to the present, is the guest curator of this exhibition.

The Podcatcher audio guide is produced by Gus Maussen in close cooperation with the museum. The tour is available in Dutch.

Nederlands Fotomuseum, Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Horst P. Horst, Photographer of Style

The Nederlands Fotomuseum presents the first major retrospective exhibition in the Netherlands of the work of Horst P. Horst (1906-1999), one of the most important fashion photographers of the twentieth century. During his celebrated career, Horst P. Horst worked mainly in Paris, London and New York. As a regular photographer for Vogue, he photographed work of prominent couturiers such as Coco Chanel, he portrayed Hollywood stars such as Marlene Dietrich, and cooperated with artists such as Salvador Dali. Accordingly, he depicted the world of fashion, art, design and theatre in the finest detail. The Podcatcher audio tour is in English and Dutch available.

The British Dental Association (BDA) Museum, London

An in-depth Audio tour of Dental History

Has one of the largest collections of dental heritage in the U.K.
Telling the story of how dentistry has developed from a marketplace spectacle to the complex procedures and treatment of today.

Based near Oxford Circus in London, the Museum is a great addition to the Guide ID portfolio providing an in-depth audio tour of Dental History.

The Koninck City Brewery, Antwerp

Feel the sensation of the Koninck Experience!

Over the past months the Koninck Brewery has been transformed into an amazing experience. The new interactive brewery tour will fully immerse you in the world of this Antwerp City Brewery. It will be informative, it will be exciting but most of all, it will be lots of fun!
A variety of fascinating theme areas will reveal the many facets of Antwerp as beer city, Belgian beers in general and the entire brewing process. Numerous interactive media and audio-visual effects will ensure a 360° total experience! The Podcatcher, combined with our AV-sync tool, will be used to offer the tour in Dutch, English, French and German.

Fort Pannerden

A new tour after a large refurbishment

Fort Pannerden is a former 19th century fort in the Dutch county of Lingewaard. IN 1969 the fort gained the status of National Monument and since 2005 it is a part of the National Project for the new Dutch Waterline. The fort is undergoing a huge refurbishment. During the re-opening in the spring of 2016 we will be launching a new audio tour.

Bannockburn Centre, Stirling

700th anniversary of the battle

Bannockburn Centre was opened in early 2014, in time to mark the 700th anniversary of the battle. The center represents a landmark in the usage of immersive digital technology in museums to bring the combatants to life and play-out a battle on accurate terrain. The Podcatcher will be used to offer this unique experience for all non-English speaking visitors. This project is in collaboration with Bright White who have developed all concepts, schemes and detail for the Battle of Bannockburn Center

Eastnor Castle & Deer park

Highlights tour!

Starting in March Eastnor castle will be using the Podcatcher to provide a highlights tour to all visitors, for a small extra fee of £1.00. The tour will be available in English and will show visitors the best highlights of this amazing castle and garden.