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Interactive design

Next level interpretation, proven experts

Always let an external partner know that you are interested in the Podcatcher, they know how to maximize its possibilties.

The Podcatcher also offers a wide range of interactive possibilities. We will enhance your interpretation with large screen video, games, quizzes, trails, polls, live scores and any other crazy idea you can imagine. The companies on this page are organisations who have used the system in the past and know how to take full advantage of its possibilities.

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Tinker imagineers

Interactives & Exhibitions

Tinker is an agency for creative consultancy and experience communication. It brings ideas to life. From the initial inspiration up and till the impact it makes on clients, employees or the public.

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Rapenburg Plaza

Brings lighting design, audio-visual design and ShowControl together under one roof

We work intensively with the client, designers, directors, artists and end-users.
Rapenburg Plaza employs designers from all disciplines. We also have the expertise to implement the entire technical production of a design, if needed.
Rapenburg Plaza’s final goal is to make the maximum contribution to the experience that you want to create.

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Bright White

Interactives & Exhibtion Projects: The Battle of Bannockburn

We design. We help you make decisions, we provide elegant solutions to 
design problems. We set you apart from everyone else.

 We take your project, whether it is only an idea or whether it is a well-developed package, and we put it firmly in the real world.

Projects: The Battle of Bannockburn

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Ars Longa

Exhibition & Interactives

As a specialist in public attractions, we translate the client’s message in a creative way. We come up with ideas, design, develop and realize extensive and small components of a project.

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