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Head Office Europe

Guide ID

Maagdenburgstraat 22
7421 ZC Deventer
The Netherlands
* Please use this address for all inquiries, when returning products and all other activities via post.

Frits Polman

Managing Director Europe

I founded Guide ID in 2003 with the idea to bring cultural information to as many museum visitors as possible. I'm a creative person and have lots of ideas for the companies future. Sometimes so many that I drive the rest of the Guide ID team crazy once in a while. I, of course, love my three kids, as well as playing tennis, snowboarding, hanging around with friends and travelling to other countries.

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Joshua Stevenson

Business manager UK & Ireland

I consider myself very lucky to work for not only a company that is totally progressive, but also a company that can fulfil my passion for travelling. As Business Manager for the UK & Ireland, I am fortunate to be able to visit some really amazing places within my role. In my spare time when I am not visiting some of the British Isles best attractions, I love going to the cinema, visiting the theatre, eating out, and I also love spending precious time with my friends and family.

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Petra Brinkhof - de Rijk

Business manager Benelux

After 13 years of working in the international giftware business, I switched to the far more inspiring heritage world in 2005. In this sector I can combine commercial activities and my interest in art. I have a Masters in French and literature. Besides visiting museums, I love theater and concerts. Me and my husband have three kids, who love sports. At the weekend we either support the kids or do sports ourselves.

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Mitchell Brown

Head of Client Services

Coming from a consumer electronics and gaming background, I really enjoy the challenge of mixing the old with the new. The old being the heritage and the new being our platform. The fact that I get to travel a lot is a bonus. I was born in Bristol but I have been living in Holland for 20 years. I love watching football, hanging out with my girlfriend and friends, and playing tennis in my spare time.

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Hendrik van den Boogaard

Head of hardware development

At Guide ID I am mainly responsible for hardware-related developments. In my spare time I like messing with the computer, watching tv series, playing some (board- or computer-)games (in which I usually try to find ways to cheat when I can't win), hanging out with my girlfriend and/or friends and the other usual stuff that people like doing. Although most of my non-tech colleagues at Guide ID seem to like sports, I don't, but I do regularly take the stairs when I get/leave home (which is 16 floors or 240 steps :)).

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Mark Hattink

Head of software development

After my studies, I rolled into a programming project for Guide ID and since never left. Computers, graphic design and music are some of my many hobbies besides playing pinball and pachinko (パチンコ). I also like to visit concerts/festivals and the cinema. As a tech guy I don't really care for sports either, the only sports in my life is karting.
Sometime in the future I hope to visit Japan. It's one of the few countries that really attracts me. じゃね !

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Susanne Brown - de Haas

Client Services and Office management

My job at Guide ID is to provide out clients with everything they need and help then with any issues or questions. I really enjoy my job, especially the contact with clients. I like to laugh a lot and have fun with colleagues. When I am not at work I really enjoy my family life with my little girl and husband, which is not Mitchell Brown by the way, but his brother.

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Wendy Altena

Client services

At Guide ID I am responsible for logistics, supplies and I am also one of the helpdesk team members. Within the helpdesk I work towards helping all out clients solve any issues they have and help answer all their questions. In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking and going out to dinner. I have also just started doing sports again and really enjoy winter sports like skiing.