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Visitor Research

Research & Evaluation

Evaluate your current services and perform research on your visitors. Find out how they use the guide and what they think about you. Results are available online 24/7.

Automatic Research

How do visitors use the guide?

The Podcatcher stores data on how it is used by each visitor. Online you will able to see the results, for example;

Which objects are popular?
What are my busiest moments?
Which routes are taken?

Visitor Surveys

What do your visitors think?

Perform research with and on your visitors. Add surveys to your tour and ask visitors what they think, for example;

Do you have a smartphone?
Did you enjoy the exhibition?
Would you like to receive the tour by email?

Build a visitor database

Who are your visitors?

Build a database with visitor profile information and define your target groups, for example;

What is your gender?
What is your age?
How far did you travel?

We chose the Podcatcher because it was a Guide and research tool in one.

Benjamin O'Connor - Garden Museum

Using the Podcatcher is a great
way to bring our stories to life

Paleis Het Loo

A tour was what the gardens
needed to bring them to life.

Hall Place gardens

Children and families enjoy
The Podcatcher and learned more.


Now all visitors get a Podcatcher, our services have become more personal for all visitors.

Afrika Museum, Berg en Dal

We now base decisions on research
results by doing surveys on the Podcatcher.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery

Our visitors and staff enjoy the
Podcatcher because it's so easy to use.

Kröller-Müller Museum

Visitors and staff are very happy with the
Podcatcher because it is so simple.

Kröller-Müller Museum

91% of our visitors answered
Yes to the question "Do you like the tour?"

Royal Dutch Palace

Their commitment and passion has been evident and unwavering from our initial meeting to the delivery of the project.

Ioannis Ioannidis, Interpretation manager, English Heritage

The Podcatcher Platform turned out to be the perfect solution for the challenge of translating the different languages used in the video into our seven 'museum languages' simultaneously.

Tom Brink, head of Publications and Presentations, Anne Frank House

73% of kids said they
learned more & had fun.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery

We chose for the Podcatcher because its so easy to use and because its
so simple to add extra layers of interpretation for our visitors.

Heleen van Ketwich, Manager ‎Commercial business,The New Church en Hermitage Amsterdam

Even my grandparents understood how
the handsets worked.

Visitor, at Pembroke castle

Developing an audio tour in one month, for one evening? This is easily done with the Podcatcher!

Trees van Mansfeld,Public engagement & Education, Museum our lord in the attic.

We were really enthusiastic about the simplicity and flexibility
which suits our exhibition well.

KPM Museum, Berlin

We now base decisions on actual
research results from surveys on the Podcatcher.

Kelvingrove Art Gallery

My kids enjoyed the quiz and we
learned,together as a family

Visitor, at Gaia Zoo

91% of visitors answered
Yes to Did you like the tour?

Royal Dutch Palace

Staff like that there is no need
to explain anything to visitors.

People's History Museum

How am I doing?

Compare yourself to others

The analytics also offers you the chance to view global research results. Compare your results and solutions to other, similar heritage sites.

Reports for funding

Ready to use graphs and charts

All research & evaluation results are available online, 24/7. You can view them daily or choose to receive standard global reports on a monthly and annually basis via email. Just let us know what it is you want to see, to inform your funders, or sponsors about the success of the platform and how much visitors like it.