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Visitor interaction

Entertain and interact

Take your visitor interpretation and interaction to the next level. Let us help you to enhance the experience for your visitors, to get and keep them involved.

Lights off, spot on

ambience control to the max

Let visitors control the ambience of the exhibition. Objects can spot-lighted as soon as a visitor listens to the story of that object. The visitor brings your exhibitions to life and makes it a personal experience.


Complete concepts A to Z

Use the Podcatcher as your audio guide, game controller, remote control and let it to control all elements of the exhibitions. Together with our partners we can develop a complete visitor experience for you exhibitions.

Map My Visit

visitor marketing starts here

At the end of a tour visitors can view which content they listened to and what they have missed. This prohibits that horrible feeling of leaving somewhere with the idea you missed something. Visitors just leave their email so they can access the tour and what they missed online.

Interactive games

Play games with the Podcatcher

Offering games is a great way to get children involved with your exhibition. Children will have great fun and educate themselves without even knowing it. The Podcatcher can be used as a remote control to play games on large screen interactives.

Live quiz scores

How well did I do?

Visitors who do a quiz can see their scores live in the museums lobby, exhibition space or on your website. Its a great way of using a little bit of innocent competition to create more interaction.

remote control

visitors select the video they like

Offer large screen video content at strategic locations within the exhibitions. Visitors just point the Podcatcher at a large screen and use the Podcatcher to start the video they would like to see.