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Translation services

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Interpretation is always at its best in a visitors native language.Our translators do not only translate your scripts into any language possible, but also know how a language works and what the matching culture is.

If you contact one of our partners directly, don't forget to mention Guide ID so they can optimise the translation for the Podcatcher platform.

Vertaalbureau perfect PREMIUM PARTNER


Perfect is a professional and experienced translation agency. We can provide you with translations of your audio tour from and to English, German, French, and 21 other languages.

Latest projects: Zaans Museum, Hermitage, KMSKB, Hallepoort....

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Boot Translations


Boot Translations was founded in 1984. Many years of experience, highly educated employees and a structural awareness of quality and service have enabled it to develop itself into one of the larger and better translation agencies in the Netherlands.

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