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Tips and Tricks

Five simple tips to get started

Here are five tips on what's important when creating a tour and implementing it at your location. You can always contact us or our partners for more handy tips and tricks.

Tip 1

Target the largest audience to start

The audio tour has the greatest chance of success if it targets the largest audience. For example, suppose you have 100.000 annual visitors, of which 25.000 are children and 75.000 are adults. Of the adults, 80% speaks English, the other 20% a different language. You should start with an audio tour targeting your English speaking adult visitors, increasing the chance that most visitors will take the audio tour. You can always expand the number of languages at a later time, or add a children's tour.

Tip 2

Use short texts and offer a choice

Visitors enjoy a visit more when they are in control of the tour. Also visitors easily get bored if audio goes on to long. Therefore it is better to have a short introduction followed by in-depth information choices of about 1 to 2 minutes. This will result in lively content and makes the visitor more involved in your story. The interaction between the physical objects, the whole exhibition and the audio tours will provide a unique and stress free experience.

Tip 3

Use professional voice-over artists

Using professional voice artists has multiple advantages. The voice artist has experience in choosing the right tone of voice and the ability to add emotions into audio, making the audio tour lively from beginning to end. When you speak to somebody take a look at how many hand gestures you make and how much you use facial expression to communicate the feel of the story. Visitors do not see the person who is talking to them, but voice-artists know how to do the same just by using their voice. They can make a huge difference between a educational only tour or a entertaining experience. They will bring your stories to life.

Tip 4

Keep it simple

Your staff are a key element when it comes to the success of the tours. Make sure they know what the tours are about and that they are enthusiastic about them. This enthusiasm will create a positive start to the tour. Also having a device that the staff do not need to explain, but can just hand out, will save time. By having a simple device visitors can concentrate on ejoying the tours.

Tip 5

Make sure its correct

Always make sure that visitors get the tour they asked for and that your content is up to date. There is nothing worse than an incorrect tour or having to go back to the desk because something is wrong. Do the tour yourself once in a while and see what the tour is like. If you have changed things during the year, it might not have the same impression as it did before the changes. It also helps to record let's say 25 objects for a tour which has 20 objects and switch a few objects throughout the year. This can attract visitors for a second time.