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Quality content for every budget

Great content for every story

We know from experience that when it comes to content, budget is always an issue. Because we truly believe in getting your stories told, we have a solution for offering high quality content for very good prices. We do this by working with strategic partners and by offering you the opportunity to develop your own content. Or we combine the two. Basically we find the best solution that works for you and fits your budget.

When we speak of 1 tour, we mean 30 minutes of content, which on average is a 1 hour tour experience on site.

Script writing

1 tour script writing for only €1499,-

Provide our partners with all content you have available for an audio tour. This can be anything from a catalogue, an old audio tour, archive files, websites, books, a former script etc. They will take all content available, speak with you about your ideas, the ambiance you want to create and the kind of story you want to tell. With your input they will create an amazing script, ready to record.

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Translation services

1 tour translation for only €699,-

Our partners will not only translate your script into the requested language(s), but will also use their knowledge of the culture to help communicate the interpretation and stories in the best way possible.

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Voice-over & recording

1 tour voice-over & recording for only €699,-

Once you have your finished script let our partners advise you on the choice of voice. They will edit it to the correct volume and speed, and mix it to the best format for the platform.

Ask a question: Pricing voice-over & Recording

Script Editing

1 tour script re-edited for an audio tour € 899

Our partners can use a current script and edit it to match your new plans, stories and ideas. Also, if you wish to write the script yourself, our partner get re-write your script to suite an audio tour and make sure you are fully satisfied with the final tour.

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