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What financial options do we offer?

Different packages

Our prices are based on the package – Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum, the number of audio guides and the length of contract. We charge a monthly lease fee which includes all hardware, software and maintenance.

The Podcatchers (audio guides) and IDentifiers (track triggers) are supplied with a standard Guide ID label, but why not personalise them? We can supply labels to your design; showing your logo or a picture or whatever you would like, for £2.95 a label with a minimum order of 50. It is very easy for you to stick the labels onto the guides.

We will lease any number of audio guides with a minimum of 30 and for any period with a minimum of 3 months

Contact one of our business managers for more information. We are happy to make an offer based on your needs.

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Quality content for every budget

Great content for every story

We know from experience that when it comes to content, budget is always an issue. Because we truly believe in getting your stories told, we have a solution for offering high quality content for very good prices. We do this by working with strategic partners and by offering you the opportunity to develop your own content. Or we combine the two. Basically we find the best solution that works for you and fits your budget.

When we speak of 1 tour, we mean 30 minutes of content, which on average is a 1 hour tour experience on site.

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