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Newsletter June 2015

The first half year of 2015 is almost behind us. For us this was a busy period in which many new projects were launched. Not only in the Benelux and UK has the confidence in Guide ID grown, but we are seeing a growth in projects outside of this area. For example we just launched a project in Switzerland for a very famous chocolate brand. Within this chocolate experience the Podcatcher is your chocolate guide to everything.

August and September will see the launch of Pendon Museum in Abingdon, Oxfordshire and The Dental Museum in London. Pendon Museum help visitors to appreciate life in rural England in 1920s and 30s. It does this through a series of model dioramas. As the museum is almost entirely run by volunteers developing the Audio Tour will help the Museum open more frequently and with less staff. This will also allow the experience to be more family friendly. The Dental Museum is located in the heart of the West End in London and they will be showcasing an in-depth tour of Dental History.

More and more museums are signing up for MapMyVisit; this is great news! This unique expansion to our platform which we launched in 2014, is turning into a huge success. Both museums and visitors are enthusiastic about MapMyVisit. More on MapMyVisit can be found here.

Everything combined, it has been a great start to 2015. The client list is always growing and we are thankful to our loyal customers who are still confident about our products. We will continue to invest in these great relationships. For Guide ID the customer and their visitors are always number one!

Our team has also be strengthened during the last few months with Wendy Altena (Helpdesk and Logistics) and Cuno van der Feltz (Marketing and PR). We wish them both the best of luck and fun with Guide ID.

We will be having a Walk-in at the Black Cultural Archives on the 21st July, spots are extremely limited so if you wish to take a Tour of “Staying Power” Exhibition using the Podcatcher please do e-mail here or check our other walk-in dates.

Frits Polman

New projects

A few of our latest projects

Pendon Museum
The Pendon Museum, based in Abingdon, Oxfordshire helps visitors to appreciate life in rural England in 1920s and 30s. It does this through a series of model dioramas. The museum is almost entirely run by volunteers so Guide ID will develop an audio tour to make it possible for the museum to open more frequently and to be able to do so with less staff than are needed at present.
Guide ID will also help Pendon Museum become a more family friendly experience and will provide the Tour in English.

The British Dental Association Museum (BDA)
This museum has one of the largest collections of dental heritage in the U.K.
Telling the story of how dentistry has developed from a marketplace spectacle to the complex procedures and treatment of today.

Based near Oxford Circus in London, the Museum is a great addition to the Guide ID portfolio providing an in-depth audio tour of Dental History.

The Copper Kingdom
The "Copper Kingdom" refers to the area of Amlwch in Anglesey, North Wales which once had the largest copper mine in the world. The centre tells the story of the mine. Started in March, the Podcatcher will help tell the story to all visitors in English and in Welsh. The tour is filled with many interesting and fun facts for all.

Panorama Mesdag
Since the beginning of April the museum with the biggest painting in Holland has started using the Podcatcher. Before the visitor takes the steps to the Panorama he or she receives a explanation on the artwork of the Mesdag museum. The audio tour is available downstairs in English and Dutch. In the Panorama area the Podcatcher will be available in many other languages.

Special offer: 6 month trial-Podcatcher & MapMyVisit

Trial Offer

Interested in the Podcatcher platform or MapMyVisit? We are now offering a special combi offer. You can use the platform for 6 months with no minimum per month and we we also provide a MapMyVisit console for free for 6 months as well. For more information you can contact one of our Business Managers.

Guide ID's latest developments

Learn more about the latest developments within the platform

Hermitage, Black Culture Archives and Scottish Football Museum/Hampden Park and more join MapMyVisit

Visitors of the Hermitage in Amsterdam who use the Podcatcher to take the audio tour for the Alexander, Napoleon and Josephine and the Portrait gallery of the golden age exhibitions, can now also enjoy everything again at home! With MapMyVisit the visit is extended and the visitors stays connected to the museum and can relive everything again at home. During the coming months other museums like the Scottish Football Museum/Hampden Park, Black Culture Archives, Spetchley Gardens, Pendon Museum and the National Maritime Museum Amsterdam will also we launching MapMyVisit.

What is MapMyVisit?

This is the latest addition to the Marketing element of Podcatcher platform. MapMyVisit has been developed to help heritage sites stay connected with their visitors. Besides this its is possible to offer all content and extra content after visit, online. Visitors can then listen en view their favorite stops again. Furthermore you can offer visitors matching merchandise to create extra income. Linking visitors via social media is also a huge plus within the system. Interested in using MapMyVisit for free for 6 months? It is really simple to adapt a current tour for MapMyVisit!
For more information, please contact our client services department.

Planned events

Get to know us

London Walk-in
On the 21st of July we will be available to meet at the Black Culture Archives in London. You can take their tour using the Podcatcher and experience the audio guide and our AV-sync tool for syncing audio and video via the Podcatcher. Its a great way of getting to know us and our Podcatcher platform. If you are interested you can register here.

Save the date
We are also at the Museums Association Conference and Exhibition on the 5th and 6th November in Birmingham for the first time this year and will be on stand 47 and the MA Workshop on Thursday 5th November between 10.30 and 11 talking about “Creating tours that connect with visitors during and after the visit”.

Quotes from tripadvisor

Visitors think the following about our audio tours

Amlwch Copper Kingdom

"Helpful Museum based on the local Mining History”

Reviewed on 7 June 2015

Newly opened, this museum is still developing but is already a great help in understanding the history of copper mining on Parys Mountain. The audio devices are excellent, well worth the extra £1 on the modest admission charge. Don't visit the mountain without dropping into the museum as well. .

Royal Palace Amsterdam


Reviewed on 26 February 2015

The Royal Palace Amsterdam is a real palace with enormous rooms, beautiful decorations and a balcony that has an amazing view across the city square. The audio tour with Job Cohen is very interesting. A would always recommend the audio tour, otherwise you will miss a lot of information. A real Must Do in Amsterdam.

Portugese Synagogue

"Synagogue with a interesting history'

Reviewed on 2 December 2013

Interesting to hear the history of the building, You must take an audio guide!(combination tour with the Jewish Historical Museum).

Coming soon

What projects are we currently working on

We always have clients who have recently signed and are still developing their tours, and working on adding more interaction. We like to keep you up to date and show you which new and challenging projects we are working on.

The Broad, Los Angeles, CA USA

New audio guide comes to this spectacular venue

Trinity Church Boston,
Boston, MA USA

Come witness this impressive church in the heart of Boston

Cheddar Gorge & Caves, Somerset, UK

Natural landmark in Somerset

Berkshire Botanical Garden, Stockbridge, MA USA

Discover this 15-acre jewel in the heart of the Berkshire Mountains

Taubman Museum of Art, Roanoke, VA USA

New perspectives at our newest client in the USA

Seeing is believing

Come and see the platform live

The Podcatcher Walk-in's are the perfect opportunity to experience the platform yourself and see what it's like for visitors. The Walk-in's have a very informal setting. The idea is for you and your colleagues to take a tour as if you are a visitor and then to meet with one of our Business Managers for a short chat and a coffee. This will give you the opportunity to receive more specific information and ask questions.

Date Location City
17 - 18 Jul 2018 California Science Center (King Tut exhibition) Los Angeles (US) Sign up
08 - 10 Nov 2018 MA conference Belfast (Ireland) Sign up