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Content creation

What content do I need?

Content is one of the main elements of a successfull guide. Your content should be educational and should always be entertaining. When developing content, think about who you are writing it for and what the best way is to deliver the interpretation.

Controlling content 24/7

By using the online TourEditor

All elements of the platform are controlled online. Any changes you make to your tours are available to visitors the next day. You can access your content 24/7 from any location.

Kids tours

The more fun it is, the more they learn

Create a tour especially for children. Use the ABC buttons to have quizzes and trails. Use characters, funny voices, quest cards, treasure maps and diploma's to make it fun and educational.


Children and families enjoy
The Podcatcher and learned more.


We were really enthusiastic about the simplicity and flexibility
which suits our exhibition well.

KPM Museum, Berlin

Using the Podcatcher is a great
way to bring our stories to life

Paleis Het Loo

Developing an audio tour in one month, for one evening? This is easily done with the Podcatcher!

Trees van Mansfeld,Public engagement & Education, Museum our lord in the attic.

Visitors and staff are very happy with the
Podcatcher because it is so simple.

Kröller-Müller Museum

Our visitors and staff enjoy the
Podcatcher because it's so easy to use.

Kröller-Müller Museum

91% of our visitors answered
Yes to the question "Do you like the tour?"

Royal Dutch Palace

The Podcatcher Platform turned out to be the perfect solution for the challenge of translating the different languages used in the video into our seven 'museum languages' simultaneously.

Tom Brink, head of Publications and Presentations, Anne Frank House

91% of visitors answered
Yes to Did you like the tour?

Royal Dutch Palace

We chose for the Podcatcher because its so easy to use and because its
so simple to add extra layers of interpretation for our visitors.

Heleen van Ketwich, Manager ‎Commercial business,The New Church en Hermitage Amsterdam

Now all visitors get a Podcatcher, our services have become more personal for all visitors.

Afrika Museum, Berg en Dal

My kids enjoyed the quiz and we
learned,together as a family

Visitor, at Gaia Zoo

Visitors decide

Different visitor, different tour

Each visitor prefers a different type of interpretation. Often its the difference between wanting fun facts or precise data. During the tour the visitor can tailor the information to their own preference.


Multiple languages

Interpretation in native languages

Visitors always prefer to communicate in their native language. We will offer you tours in as many languages as you want. Use a survey to find out which languages your visitors prefer.


Tips and Tricks

Five simple tips to get started

Here are five tips on what's important when creating a tour and implementing it at your location. You can always contact us or our partners for more handy tips and tricks.

see the tips

Our partners

Helping you to create the best possible tours

At Guide ID we specialize in developing and maintaining the Podcatcher Platform. To help you with the process of writing and creating your interactive tours we have a growing network of professional partners. You can always contact them for a consult or for general advice.

Partner list