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Guide ID The Netherlands: call +31 (0) 570 572 202 or Email Dutch office

Guide ID Belgium: call +32 (0) 2 808 38 78 or Email Belgium office

Guide ID United Kingdom: call +44 (0)20 338 468 38 or Email UK office

Guide ID USA: call +1 347 523 8619 or Email US office

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Customer Support Service
Our customer support department can be reached by telephone or email from Monday through Friday from 08.30 o’clock in the morning until 17.00 o’clock in the afternoon (CET, Amsterdam).

Call +31 (0) 570 572 202 - Option 2 or Email Customer Support Service

If we cannot be reached by telephone, during opening hours, your call will be forwarded to our telephone service. Your message will then be passed on to our employees to follow up. Your email will be read during our opening hours and responded to, accordingly within one day. If we cannot be reached by email, you will receive an out of office message with instructions.

In case of emergencies during weekends, you can reach us via WhatsApp on +31638072466
from 08.30 o’clock in the morning until 17.00 o’clock in the afternoon (CET, Amsterdam). We will respond to your emergency within 3 hours. (An emergency would be out-of-use Podcatchers so visitors cannot use the audio tour, or when the Podcatcher Portal is not available).
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Head Office Europe

Guide ID

Maagdenburgstraat 22
7421 ZC Deventer
The Netherlands
* Please use this address for all inquiries, when returning products and all other activities via post.

Frits Polman

Founder and CEO

I founded Guide ID in 2003 with the idea to bring cultural information to as many museum visitors as possible. I'm a creative person and have lots of ideas for the companies future. I, of course, love my wife and all our kids, as well as playing tennis, snowboarding, hanging around with friends and traveling to other countries.

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Petra Brinkhof - de Rijk

Sales Manager Benelux

After 13 years of working in the international giftware business, I switched to the far more inspiring heritage world in 2005. In this sector I can combine commercial activities and my interest in art. I have a Masters in French and literature. Besides visiting museums, I love theater and concerts. Me and my husband have three kids, who love sports. At the weekend we either support the kids or do sports ourselves.

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Jeff Danziger

Sales Director - North America

I am a long time sales professional that came into the audio tour world eight years ago and proceeded to fall in love with the museum and cultural attraction space. I particularly enjoy helping institutions bring their amazing stories to life. In the process, the travel, art and culture that comes with what we do inspires me every day. On a personal level, I enjoy spending time with my family as well as enjoying the outdoors and playing guitar.

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Susanne Brown - de Haas

Customer Support Team

My job at Guide ID is to provide out clients with everything they need and help then with any issues or questions. I really enjoy my job, especially the contact with clients. I like to laugh a lot and have fun with colleagues. When I am not at work I really enjoy my family life with my 2 kids and husband, which is not Mitchell Brown by the way, but his brother.

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René Wissink

Design & Customer Support Team

Working as an Interior Architect &Graphic Designer, I introduced Guide ID into a museum-project on Curaçao in 2009. Everything that has ties to Design at Guide ID has my attention.
Architecture, Design, Visual Communication & Arts are my joy in work. Father of two grown up kids and a great girlfriend. Love cooking, reading, photography, Netflix and visiting exhibitions.
Not a shopping type ;-)

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Mark Hattink

Head of software development

After my studies, I rolled into a programming project for Guide ID and since never left. Computers, graphic design and music are some of my many hobbies besides playing pinball and pachinko (パチンコ). I also like to visit concerts/festivals and the cinema. As a tech guy I don't really care for sports either, the only sports in my life is karting.
Sometime in the future I hope to visit Japan. It's one of the few countries that really attracts me. じゃね !

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Hugo Klaassens

Development Team

Originally from the game design world, I figured out programming for games and for ‘real’ projects isn’t so different at its core. Creating code ‘puzzle pieces’ and putting them together to form a user-friendly ‘picture’ is what I enjoy doing, and I’m happy I can do lots of it here at Guide ID.
In my free time I enjoy playing games, watching various flavors of TV series, reading books in a park when there’s good weather, and ice skating in winter.

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Taco Eelman

Development Team

At Guide ID I’m working on the firmware inside the electronic devices. In my freetime I play korfball in Enschede. When I’m not busy with sports I’m usually playing games with friends, or watching a serie or good movie on my beamer at home. Of course in combination with a nice cold “Weizen” beer.

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