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What projects are we currently working on

We always have clients who have recently signed and are still developing their tours, and working on adding more interaction. We like to keep you up to date and show you which new and challenging projects we are working on.

MOCO museum Amsterdam - NL

A unique exhibtion in a historical building

In the beautiful Villa Alsberg, in the middle of the museum square in Amsterdam, the MoCo museum opened its doors this April. In the Moco Museum you will find art from famous artist such as Bansky and iconic artworks from legendary artists such as Andy Warhol. The museum offers the Podcatcher to all its visitors within the entrance fee. The tour is available in English and Dutch.

Powerscourt Garden - UK

The number three garden of the world

For almost a decade now Guide ID has been striving for success, and so has our latest client, Powerscourt Garden in Co. Wicklow on the East Coast of Ireland. They have now been rated number three garden in the World by National Geographic, now it doesn't get any better than that! However, with or without that accolade Powerscourt is a truly special place with an amazingly special story. So it's a good thing that Guide ID are all about telling stories! So from September we will be telling Powerscourts story to a quarter of a million visitors in 5 languages, and with the aid of Map my Visit, Powerscourt will be creating a legacy between them and each and every person that takes a tour there.

Salvador Dali, Brugge - BE

Podcatcher now available in Bruges!

Within te vaults of the monumental Belfort located on in the middle of the Market in Bruges you can find the Museum-Gallery XPO Salvador Dali. There you can enjoy a unique collection of graphic artworks and a series of sculptures from Salvador Dali. The stores are told via the Podcatcher and the tour is available in 4 languages.

Anne Frank house - NL

A audio tour thought the back-house!

We are extremely proud to announce that the Anne Frank house has decides, starting from December 2016, to use the Podcatcher for their very first audio tour. The Anne Frank house has already been using our players in their video room, but will soon be offering the Podcatcher to all visitors. The coming months the museum will be working on the tour content, that naturally will move many international visitors.

Nymans Gardens, National Trust - UK

Jewel of the National Trust

Nymans Garden is one of the jewels in the National Trusts Gardens crown. Guide ID is now proud to announce the Launch of the our popular audio guide in the garden will happen this summer. As each visitor makes their way around the garden and the ruins, they will be able to see and hear what the head gardener has to deal with on an almost daily basis, and experience first-hand what life was life like in the big house. Just a prime example of how diverse the Podcatcher has become.

The Observatory Science Centre

Learn more about Brighton

Science and the universe is hugely important no matter which nation your from. So much so, we are very pleased to be working with the Observatory & Science Centre near Brighton. Starting in September, this new tour will take you to the lengths and breadths of space and take you to frontiers unknown. The Observatory Science Centre is one of the leading "hands-on" science centres with over 100 exhibits. With the introduction of the Podcatcher system, the Observatory can now bring all of those exhibits to life with interesting facts and stories.

Irish Military War Museum

A hidden Gem in Dublin

Guide ID has a totally un blinkered view when it comes the types of sites it works with on all of its tours. On that note, we are very pleased to welcome the Irish Military War Museum to the fold. It was a great pleasure to work with William Sullivan on this tour, and the tour itself is narrated by him, and tells the visitor amongst other things, all about his journey around the Somme and how he and his team managed to find so many of the items that you can expect to see on display here at this true hidden Irish gem!

KU Leuven

Libary launches an audio tour on the Podcatcher

On the market in Leuven, a stone’s throw away from Museum M, you can find the library of KU Leuven. A historical building with a beautiful reading room and a hall full of stories. The Podcatcher guides you and tell you about the architecture of the building and the artworks you see along the way. The KU Leuven is also offering MapMyVisit and will also be offering the Podcatcher later this year during the exhibition; Utopia, that they have put together in collaboration with Museum M.

Compton Verney

One fine art gallery

Based in the Midlands in England, Compton Verney is one of the Warwickshire's most important Art Galleries. The Art Gallery is home to six permanent collections including Neapolitan art from 1600 to 1800; Northern European medieval art from 1450–1650; British portraits including paintings of Henry VIII, Elizabeth I and Edward VI and works by Joshua Reynolds; Chinese bronzes including objects from the Neolithic and Shang periods. Compton Verney has chosen Guide ID to tell the story of Britain in the Fifties it's 'Design & Aspiration' Exhibition. With the art gallery having huge national importance, we are very proud to be working with Compton Verney.

Museum de Schotse Huizen Veere

Historical museum in the prettiest city of Zeeland

After a refurbishment of 3 months, the museum in reopening its doors to the public. Behind the characteristic fronts of the Scottish Houses and the beautifully restored town hall, the real history really comes to life. The Podcatcher is available for adults in 4 languages and there is a great children’s tour with quiz questions.

Museum M, Leuven


In 2016 its 500 years ago that the English humanist and statesmen Thomas More in Leuven publicised his world famous book; Utopia. The 500th anniversary of the cultural and intellectual milestone is a great reason for a special exhibition, in M. From 20th Oktober2016 until 17th January 2017, amazing works from the 15th and 16th century top artists such as Quinten Metsijn, Hans Holbein, Jan Gossaert and Albrecht Dürer will be put together in an exciting and intriguing story. All visitors will receive a Podcatcher to listen to the stories.

National Archive The Hague

On the road. A trip with a photographer

Starting from the 9th September until the 8th January the National Archive in The Hague will be exhibiting a unique photo exhibition. It’s about photography and traveling are bound together. Photographers have been picturing new worlds, documenting the changes in the world and showing us exotic locations since the 19th century. To hear the stories behind the pictures, all visitor shall receive a Podcatcher when visiting the archive.

Siebold house

Japan museum in Leiden

The Siebold house museum in Leiden offers collection pieces from the old and new Japan in a permanent collection, but also has temporary exhibitions throughout the year. Starting in July all visitors will be able to use the Podcatcher for the permanent collection.

Secret Valley wildlife park, Wexford, Ireland

Animal quiz

We at Guide ID like to think out of the box when it comes to the use of an audio guide. So much so, we are proud to announce the launch of the Podcatcher audio guide at the Secret Valley Wildlife Park in Wexford. The visitors to this acclaimed wildlife park will be able to partake in a quiz around the park, and take in far more information about each of its popular residents. With the use of the Podcatcher, not only will we be able to enhance each visitors experience, but expand the knowledge about each and every one of the parks animals.

Darcis, Verviers, Belgium

Chocolate heaven!

This summer the famous chocolatier Jean Philippe Darcis will be opening a new 2.8520M2 building in Verviers. Visitors will be welcomed in beautiful rooms and will learn everything there is to know about the history of chocolate. From temples in the Maya to the mountains in Mexico. You will also be also to take a look inside the workshop, where you will get a sneak peak of how the chocolate, macarons and patisserie are produced, and get to taste it. The Podcatcher will be your guide through the building and translate all the video footage into your own language.

New Church, Amsterdam

Travel in time, History and Royalty

From the 16th July til the 4th September you can visit the 'Travel in time, History and Royalty' exhibition at the New Church in Amsterdam. We are proud to have produced the audio guide for this exhibtion. The tour will be available in Dutch, English, German, French, Italian and Spanish, and will be offered to all visitors within the entrance fee. The Podcatcher will guide you past all the highlights in the church en shall be a key factor for the video presentations. The Podcatcher will sync up with the video presentation and play the audio back in 6 languages. Besides an adults tour, there will also be an interactive children's tour, using our special quiz tool.

Guildhall, City of London

A treasure in the City

Guide ID is delighted to announce that Guildhall has agreed to use the Podcatcher Platform for the Guildhall Art Gallery and 2000 year old Roman Amphitheatre as of October 2015. Guide ID will provide the audio tour in English with MapMyVisit. Projected launch is early 2016.